With up-to-date technology, our team of professional people can give you the highest guaranteed quoted price for your used heavy equipment. We have foreign and domestic buyers for all kinds of heavy equipment. Some serial numbers and qualifications apply.

Call us now and check out our Heavy Equipment Wanted to Buy list!

Can’t make a payment? Strapped for cash? Want out? Give us a call. Take a photo of your equipment and e-mail it to us. We can then meet you at your equipment location. If necessary, within minutes we can take additional photos and send them to our buyers (anywhere in the world). When a price is agreed upon, we will then wire money directly to your bank or give you a certified check. Some time restrictions apply if there are liens on the equipment. That too can be worked out.

If we don’t have a buyer right now, we can also get your equipment advertised all over the globe from our web page. Put working cash into your pocket today!

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